Test Subject Imfamousx1x

Who are we? We are known in certain circles as the Imfamous Subject but the rest of the world knows us as Imfamousx1x (she/her/we). We have been making a variety of content for five years: from FPS to Indie; various cosplays; and commentating and hosting events. Through our platform we speak about mental health awareness, diversity, and empowerment in gaming, tech, and cosplay. We want people to visit our platform and realize two main things: that you can love your individuality, and that parents can game too (we are a parent as well!).

What are we? Take this mental health ambassador to assist gamers of color with issues that tend to arise as online content creators. We hosted and casted the first ever Apex Academy (for Apex Legends) and continue to be a proud member of the Safety, Crisis, and Conflict Team with Brown Girl Gamer Code. When we are not creating unique content or cosplaying, we are raising funds for various charities, casting and hosting various events , a 1000 Dreams Fund BroadcastHer recipient and was recognized as a JBL Quantum Changemaker and Dream Team Lead, Admin for the Scream Reapers and lets not forget Award Winning Esports Person of the Year

Stay tuned to our social medias for day to day updates on what’s currently going on in the world of Imfamousx1xclusives.

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